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02-Jul-2017 09:14

Especially not if they’re planning on putting his face up at every bus stop and billboard during holiday season.

You’ll recall, Cary shot a promo for In a new interview with W Magazine to promote his collaboration with Calvin Klein, Jake says that what motivates him now is the opportunity to work with interesting people and it’s cool if that’s cool but doing what’s cool isn’t the goal. That said, I also like the timing of this release, a few weeks after and now that he’s one of the several actors in position to take the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Best Actor Oscar nomination spots behind the two frontrunners Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis (whose movie is still in post and doesn’t come out until Christmas and very little is known about it but Paul Thomas Anderson directed and DDL gets a nod every time he opens his mouth), the Eternity campaign, which certainly doesn’t take away from his brand, won’t hurt, not at all.

If this particular rumor plays out, Gyllenhaal could be sporting his own utility belt ... Obviously, take it as nothing more than a rumor for now, but it's certainly interesting to consider. At least some of that vocal outcry was certainly because of the challenge of following up Christian Bale from Christopher Nolan's .

Fast forward to 2017 and he might have another shot at the cape and cowl. While speaking on his You Tube show, film journalist John Campea (formerly of Collider) reported that Gyllenhaal could potentially replace Affleck as the DCEU's Caped Crusader. He's had to overcome fan hatred dating to when his casting was announced — a year or so before he even appeared on screen.

Leila, the adorable four-year-old girl who played Jake and 39-year-old model Liya Kebede's daughter in the new commercial for Calvin Klein's Eternity, actually thought the whole gig was rather boring.

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Most grown women would kill for the opportunity to spend a day with Jake Gyllenhaal — but one little girl who actually had the pleasure wasn't terribly impressed.

Handling her interview like a pro, she says on camera that her favorite dessert is 'cookies with choc-wate'. So she'd start rubbing her eyes and the director would pick her up and zoom her around to get her laughing again.

When asked what she did at the shoot with Liya that day, she answered: 'I sneak up on her bed when her was sleeping.

Reception has been mixed, but Affleck plays Bruce Wayne’s grimmer side with an insecurity and humility we haven’t seen with other actors.

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Batman, with his reliance on gadgets, needs to be smart.

) with Eternity also had a lot to do with Christy Turlington. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, @liyakebede, and four year-old Leila, and featuring the enduring poetry of e.e. Directed by Emmy Award-winning director Cary Fukunaga, and photographed by @willyvanderperre.